Monday, July 19, 2010


Join Humboldt citizens and empower yourself with knowledge of our Constitution
twice EACH MONTH of 2010

Knowledge is Power!

At SHAWS Computer Store, 1655 Main Street, Fortuna CA Owner Jeremy Shaw, the owner, is graciously allowing us to met there.

For more information call: 707-223-1255

Donation $5. per person, FREE for children 12 to 17.

Last Meeting: August 11th, 2010, 7:30 pm
Location: 1007 Wood St. Boy Scout meeting room, (behind the Boys & Girls club on Harris st.)

COME AS YOU ARE! We sure do. Bring your questions, thoughts, ideas, and patriotism to the meetings! You are invited to come to our 2x monthly meetings, in Eureka, CA. These casual evening meetings are held on the 2nd Wednesday and 4th Wednesday of each month, at 7:30 PM.

The meetings run from about 7:00 pm to 9:30pm or so. And you are able to leave sooner if you need. It won't hurt our feelings.

Please do have your evening meal, or eat before you come so you wont be hungry; but we also offer a small, healthy snack and coffee; plus non-alcohol drinks available. ( Please do not bring alcohol, firearms or small children to meeting, young adults of age 12* and over are welcome, and ENCOURAGED! (*OK, a mature 10, or 11 year old is welcome too .if you feel they will maintain interest for up to two hours in a room full of adults.

Who are we? Glad you asked!

We are local citizens, your neighbors, with the objective to unite both liberals, conservatives, and independents in understanding our form of government. These meetings are not about politics, it’s about “Statesmanship.” YOU will learn to become the Statesman, one who is well versed about our Republic. Our Republic was formed in 1787, and is in force to this day. We act democratically, but our country is not a democracy. In a true “democracy” the majority rules, which means you can easily be out-voted and overruled, just based on number of voters alone. We are a Republic, with rule by constitutional law. Learn how this works to both defend and protect you, and your family, and neighbors, from those who would change it all for special self-interest!

Why Attend? Concerned about losing your rights? Confused about how the Constitution and your government work? Worried about negative changes happening in our society? Wondering where your LIBERTIES are going?

Afraid we are slipping into a socialist regime where the Constitution is ignored or worse: altered at the will of radical judges creating their own private vision? Or by non-elected officials and Czars working for private agendas? The Constitution protects you from such a "government of people" who would, at will, abuse the rights of millions for short term gain.

For more information call: 707-223-1255

Donation $5. per person, FREE for children 12 to 17.

Bring your teenagers- give them the gift of understanding their LIBERTY for a lifetime!