Monday, June 28, 2010


Blue Slide campground

For more information call: 707-223-1255

Blue Slide Camp is located about twenty-five miles
east of Eureka, California in the Butler Valley near
Maple Creek
(no services available).

The camp is located on the east side of the coastal
range and is therefore usually protected from the
cool fog of the northern California coast. Days are
typically warm and sunny (sometimes into the 80s),
while mornings and evenings are cool.

however, there can be drizzle or rain, even in July.
Access to the camp is via county roads from Eureka,
Arcata, or Blue Lake. The final few miles into camp
are gravel. Allow about an hour to drive from either
Eureka or Arcata into the camp. Detailed directions
are provided to registered campers

Coming from the south...

Heading north on 101:
1. Turn right onto West Harris Street which angles up the hill just after the north
intersection/entrance to the Bayshore Mall.
2. Follow Harris Street through town, past the Redwood Acres Fairgrounds, where
it ends with a left turn onto Hall Avenue. Stay on Hall until it ends (one block)at Myrtle Avenue.
3. Turn right onto Myrtle Avenue. Follow Myrtle Avenue (also known as Old Arcata
Road) northeast out of Eureka.

4. Turn right onto Freshwater-Kneeland Road (at Three Corners Market). Continue
past Freshwater Park and up the hill on Freshwater-Kneeland Road.

5. Freshwater-Kneeland Road becomes just Kneeland Road as it nears the top of
the mountain. Continue past the Kneeland Post Office

6. Turn left onto Butler Valley Road (there may also be a sign at the intersection
for Maple Creek), and head down the east side of the mountain. (Be sure to
bear right downhill at the Butler Valley/Fickle Hill fork)

7. At the bottom of the mountain you will pass the Butler Valley Ranch and then
cross the Mad River. Shortly thereafter Butler Valley Road ends at Maple Creek

8. Bear right onto Maple Creek Road (downhill), NOT back toward Blue Lake.

9. Follow Maple Creek Road across a narrow bridge, past the school house. The
road becomes gravel.

10. Look for the Blue Slide Camp sign and driveway on the right. The gate lock
combination is 0308 (it may be locked when you arrive). Please close and
lock the gate behind you if it was locked when you arrived.

11. The camp is one-and-a-half miles down the gravel road from the gate.

12. YOU MADE IT! (About an hour from Eureka/Arcata)

Coming from the north...
Heading south on 101:
1. Take highway 299 east at the north end of Arcata.

2. Exit at Blue Lake onto Blue Lake Blvd. and follow it until it merges into Maple
Creek Road at the southeast side of town

3. Continue on Maple Creek Road approximately 14.7 miles to where it meets Butler
Valley Road. Bear left and continue on Maple Creek Road.

4. Continue with #9 above.